Travel Information

The latest news: Uber is now  NO LONGER available in Yangon area. However GRAB is now available in Yangon. Sim cards can be purchase right at the Myanmar International Airport. Usage of DATA is very reasonable in Myanmar and we recommend you to purchase it at the Airport. It is also available at Mobile shop next to our Inn. 



Antiques and archaeological valuable items are prohibited from being taken out of the country as they are considered National Treasures.

Duty free allowance are: 2 bottles of liquor, 2 cartons of cigarettes,  100 cigars, 1.5 lbs. of tobacco and one-pint bottle of perfume or eau de cologne.


Health and Insurance


Health officials require certification of immunization against cholera and yellow fever if the traveler has travelled or stayed at affected areas within nine days before the arrival date.  There are several hospitals and clinics in Yangon, some of which are under the Ministry of Health and some are privately owned.  The Pun Hlaing International Hospital is the first international hospital in Myanmar.  As such, it is the only in the developing stage for insurance of travelling and travelers.  The insurance coverage amount may not be able to realize the full expense.  Tourists are strongly suggested to make insurance policies at one’s country of from international institutions.  It is highly recommended to inform the tour operator in Myanmar the contact points regarding the insurance matters in case of such urgency occurs; and the identification of the insurance company.


Mobile Phones


Please note that mobile phones from other countries will work in Myanmar.  However, there are lots of  phone stores with prepaid  sim cards can be purchase as well as prepaid phone cards for purchase available in local phone stores. The best way to get a Sim card would be at the Yangon International Airport just outside of Myanmar customs, Next to Taxi stand.  Better yet, you can purchse a prepaid sim card for $1.50/ sim card for your convenient we have it available for purchase in the Hninn Si Budget Inn Lobby. It is limited supplies of Sim cards available in Yangon,  Therefore, it is available time and again only.  If you have a smartphone, you can access internet serice where wifi is available. NO Roaming cell phones from other countries as yet. However, some Cell phones from Korea, Japan, Singapore, China and Thailand can be available to roam in Yangon, Myanmar. On top, I can personally confirmed that my phone from USA ( AT&T network ) can be roam under AT&T service provider here in Myanmar. It seems, Roaming service seems to be extending else where in other Cities in Myanmar every month. (last update March 15 2019)




Most travelers will need vaccinations for hepatitis A, typhoid and polio, as well as medications for malaria prophylaxis and travelers’ diarrhea.  Other immunizations may be necessary depending upon the circumstances of the trip and the medical history of the traveler.  Insect repellents are also recommended, in conjunction with other measures to prevent mosquito bites.  All travelers should visit their personal physician 4-8 weeks prior to their trip.  The sun can be remarkably hot and a hat, sunglasses and some sort of sun cream are advisable.


What to wear


– Light, casual cotton wear because of hot weather

– A cardigan or light jacket when visiting Northern Myanmar during the cold season

– An umbrella during the rainy season

– Sandals or slippers

– Quick drying clothes are recommended if you visit during the rainy season or Thingyan water festival


The dress code for pagodas and monasteries prescribe decent apparel, and NO footwear is allowed when visiting pagodas and monasteries.


What to bring


– Insect repellent

– Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, umbrella, etc.

– Personal medicine kit


Visa Information


Myanmar requires a Visa for all tourists regardless of originating countries.  You can get a Myanmar Visa from Myanmar Embassy and Consulate office abroad. You can apply online Evisa at :

Above listed website is fast and it cost $50 per entry.


There are two kinds of Myanmar Visas for tourists.


(1)  EVT F.I.T. Visa (Free Independent Traveler)

EVT F.I.T. Visa is for the person who wants to visit on his/her own.  This Visa can be obtained directly from one of the Myanmar Embassies or Consulate offices abroad.


(2)  EVT (Entry Visa Tourist)  Tourist Package Visa for the people traveling in a group

This Entry Visa requires the endorsement letter and confirmation itinerary from your travel agent.




Myanmar currency is known as “Kyat”, which comprise of 100 “pyas”.  Foreigners are recommended to bring US dollars to Myanmar because they are easily exchangeable into foreign exchange certificate (FEC) or Myanmar Kyat at Yangon International Airport or money changers.  Euros may also be exchanged into FEC or Myanmar Kyat at money changers.  Please be advised that torn, dirty or stained notes might not be accepted.  Visa card is accepted by a few hotels and a few restaurants and shops.  However; services charges may apply.

Official money accept in Yangon:

USD, Euro and Singapore dollars can be change at official money changers at the Airports and Banks in Yangon.  But other currencies can be change in YGN, but not official ex-change.


– Air Mandalay

– Asian Wings

– Myanmar Airways

– Golden Myanmar Airlines



(During Myanmar New Year’s April 11-17, NO BUSES will be available)

Tourists can travel Yangon-Mandalay on the new constructed highway.  Express buses are available. You can purchase bus tickets depart from YGN to MDY/BGN/INLAY/BEACH AREA are available in the lobby for your convenient.  For more information, please check with us in the lobby.


– Yangon – Mandalay

– Yangon – Nay Pyi Taw

– Yangon – Bagan

– Yangon – Moulmien

-Yangon – Inlay




There are day trains and night trains to Mandalay. NO direct train available to Nay Pyi Taw (NPT), but you can travel to Primana and take a taxi to NPT, appriximately ride 30 minutes. Sleeper train available from YGN to BGN as a new train service.  It is approximately $40 per person and take 15-17 hours train ride.  All train tickets must purchase at Main train station whihc is about 5-7 minutes taxi ride from the Hotel or 30 minutes wall from the Hotel.  All Myanmar train systems are control by Myanmar Gov’t and ticket only purchases at Main Train Station.





Dress code for Buddhist temple visits

No bare shoulders or “spaghetti dresses”, no shorts or short skirts. You must remove your shoes.  For easy removal of footwear, please bring sandals or slip-ons.